Are you ready to come out of your cocoon and transition into the life you dream of?

Spring is in the air and new beginnings abound. Are you ready to make the transition into the life you want? I am ready to support and promote wellness in your life, and I have many new ways to help you to do that. Just check out the website www.your healing

I am opening my doors April 1st to see clients! I am so excited to be able to serve you. All the practitioners in my office building are fully vaccinated, and we have great COVID protocols to keep you safe as you work on your self healing and wellness.

My new office is located at Alamo Holistic Healing Center 3200-A Danville Blvd, Alamo, CA 94507. I love the new place, and it’s really easy to get to. There is parking in front of the office, in the back and on the street. (Just a note: we are in Building 3200-A, Suite 100. There are two buildings marked 3200.)

Currently, I am in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays and will be adding additional days in May. On-line booking is currently not available. So please call or text 925-771-0572 to book an appointment. When we set up your appointment, I will go over our COVID protocols and will answer any questions you may have about your care or session. We will also need to update your health records.

In addition to being able to see clients, I will be hosting a Monthly Meditation Group the last Tuesday of the Month starting April27, 2021 at 7pm. Each month I will present a mantra and guided meditation to help you practice self care as you promote wellness in your life. Sign up for our newsletter on the website or drop me a line if you want to be part of the group.

The May Retreat at San Domiano has been postponed due to Covid, however, we are working to try to schedule a day workshop once it is safe to gather so stay tuned.

I really can’t wait to see you, and I am so excited to find the perfect path for you on your healing journey!