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Mantra & Meditation

A monthly series to promote wellness into your daily life

I will be hosting a monthly mantra and meditation series on-line to help us promote and maintain wellness in our daily life. The monthly series has been created to help you come back to a place of balance. We will focus on healthy habits and intentions as we begin to rebuild the life we want to live.

Let me help you create practical self-care habits to restore and renew your body, mind and spirit.

Schedule today. Take the first step on your wellness path.  Call or text Suzan at 925-771-0572 to sign up. The 30-minute class will be held on the last Tuesday of every month. 

Cost is $15.00 per class or $30.00 for the purchase of three classes. 


San Damiano Retreat Center

Danville, CA


Check back soon for upcoming retreat details in late spring, 2021

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Per California State Law SB 577: Suzan Lupejkis is not a licensed physician. REIKI is a complement to 'healing arts services licensed by the State', i.e., it is a complement to more traditional western medicine provided by doctors, nurses and hospitals. As a complementary or alternative medicine, REIKI does not require licensing by the state of California. Reiki does not replace the need for traditional psychological and medical treatment or advice and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.