As 2020 draws to an end, the new year will soon begin. I am happy to share that I will be reopening for in person sessions in January at a new location. However, due to Covid-19, I will have limited availability when I first open, and all scheduling and cancellations will only be handled through the phone (no on-line booking).

The New Year will bring us a time to release and rebalance. 2020 has been a long difficult year filled with drama and crisis and we have mourned for the losses, pain and trauma that changed our lives. Yet, we must be resilient and ready to reconnect and renew, as we allow ourselves to rebuild.

I have thought about how difficult 2020 has been on our body, mind and spirit. It has made many of us reflect on how we live — what is most important and what we need to be healthy and whole. We have questioned many of our beliefs, behaviors, habits, wants and needs. These questions have been felt and shared throughout our families, friends, communities, country and the World. We have had to switch gears, find new innovative ways to stay connected as we help each other heal, survive and find the desire to thrive.

The Wellness Series and coaching I have offered through the pandemic has put my life coaching degree through its paces and helped me grow as a healer and mentor. It has inspired me to stretch and take risks so that I could create new ways to reach out to you during these difficult times. I am grateful and excited for the new healing paths that have grown and evolved out of the drama and trauma of 2020, and I look forward to continuing to help us to heal as we become whole once again!