The heart of meditation brings you home, to where you can relax, release and rejuvenate. It is in the stillness of meditation, you can return to your heart.  This is where an inner peace resides. Let go of the chaotic distractions that your mind, body and spirit has collected and reflect in the safety of your sacred balance.

  • To bring the self home means to turn your attention inward as you surrender the need to actively think and control, it connects your body, mind and spirit to the flow of energy and light.
  • To relax means to soften your body as you release the stresses and tensions you have been unconsciously holding onto.
  • To release means letting all thoughts and emotions naturally quiet and dissolve into the state of peace as clarity returns.
  • To rejuvenate is to accept the natural flow of healing as you reconnect to your heart, your home, your intuition as you breathe deeply of life, light and love. Let this fill you and cleanse you, nurturing the sacred balance of being you.